How to use an excel file protected by a password

Hi there !
I’m already blocked at the very beginning of my bot creation as the excel files I have to copy are protected and it seems it generates some error messages
Does someone has any hint to share on which actions assign to the bot ?


Use Excel file activity and check as below

Provide your password in properties

Hope this may help you


Thanks, I will try, however I was thinking about the click option to validate “read only” on the screen (we always have to open this file as read-only, the password is a well-kept secret :slight_smile:

Hi @laurence.vanden-eede ,

Try to use get password activity if it’s available in studio X, this will hide your password and you can use it’s value to excel property.

It is not a file of mine, I do not have the password. I just need to create a bot using a range of datas from it.

Are you able to read it without password from excel activity or not ?

no, the error message says “excel seems to be busied” - I assume it would mean that someone is working on it…
this file is a key one and always reworked by the planners…

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