How to use action center

My scenario is user is sending data from uipath apps if the amount is more than 1000 it has to send for aproval
So what i am thinking is a decision block if the amount is less than 1000 it will fill in application if more than 1000 now we need to to send request form in action center and user may login any time and he approves it and if he approves it, then it should fill in the form and send mail to user, if he rejects just send rejected email the thing is work flow is waiting till there is a replay from action center what i need is it should create a from thats it and when user logins and he approves or rejects a new work flow should trigger where it takes that data and run how can i achive this is it possible if amount is more than 1000 create a form and add a queue item and usee comes ans click on approve or reject it can trigger the queue trigger

Hi @bpt.teja1996

Read about Orchestration Process in UiPath.
It talks about Long Running workflows, which are the perfect solution for your problem statement.
Also, the Snippets section on this page will show you how can use readily available code within UiPath Studio to get started.

Also, check out this excellent resource about using Advanced Form Controls when utilizing Persistence Activities Pack: