How to use abbyy FlexiCapture Engine


i have installed FlexiCapture Engine just now ,and actived it.
but i don’t konw how to use it to recognize text in pdf.
can any one give me an example ?
.xaml is ok.
thank you very much


or to say how to use these activity to recognize the content


Hi jmy

To use the Intelligent OCR you need to first create template in FlexiLayout studio and then create fcdot file in ABBYY Administration Sation. Only after creating the fcdot file you can give the path of that file in the process document activity and then extract the data.

Niveditha Kanhangad


i want to try it in uipath
thank you


Hi jmy

Please find the (114.7 KB)


thank you very much

i ahve installed these two engine : FineReader and flexiCapture
in the service they are so alike

by the way is intellignet ocr invoke this abbyy FlexiCapture Engine ?


I am so sorry to disturb you again
i don’t know how to input this property.

which type of file can it recognize?

i don’t know how to input this property.


thank you NivedithaK

finally i want to recognize all the content
if you hanve any idea please tell me

thank you very very very very much