How to use a variable in Selector?


I have a badly identified selector that looks like this

This one ofcourse only works when notepad file is named ggg. So instead of hardcoded string ‘ggg’ I want to use a variable named ‘notepadName’

Can anyone please paste the correct selector as an answer for me?


hi @sazina
if you want dynamic name, just replace the entire title for an asterisk (*), and the selector will recognize any title. (thinks that’s your problem), or if you want to use the selector in a variable just use the assign activity.


Hi @fernando_zuluaga

The use of * can cause problems further on in the process so that’s not an option here.

I tried assigning a variable and I’ve red through the UiPath documentation I could find but it still doesn’t work.

So if anyone could just post the right answer here I would be very greatful.

Welcome to uipath community
Kindly have a view on this that would help you in how to use variables in selector

Cheers @sazina