How to use a deployed project in another pc

hello everyone .
I used uipath orchestrator to deploy my project .
I need to download this project in many client pc
Can anyone tell me how can i do it ?
Thank you

Go to the packages section.

Click this icon next to the process for which you want to download the package.

Click this icon next to the version of the package you want to download.

Choose “Download Package”.

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Everyone (client) should know my email and my password of my orchestrator account?!

They will need to log into your Orchestrator service using their own account. You will need to make sure they have sufficient privileges to download the packages as well (read access).

can you tell me how they can log into my orchestrator service using their own account ?
What should i share with them or what should they do so they can do it
Thank you

They will need the Orchestrator URL. In the Community edition, this is the URL of the service you’ve created.

you mean like this one

One step further. They will need the URL of the service you’re giving them access to.

ok i will try it
thank you very much for your answer

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