How to use a child class in a selector

Hi Guys,

I would like to know how can I write the command for a child class inside the definition of a selector. What I am using is childclass=‘’ but I guess it is not working well. Thanks in advance


Hi @sergio85

Could you provide more context? It is super difficult to work with limited information.
Screenshots, sample workflows, all helps here :smiley:

Hi @loginerror

Sorry about that. In the image below, I am building a selector in which I have a class called “fb-price” with the tag p. I would like to reference this tag “p” writing that the child class is “icon-icons-services-payment fb-price__cm” because there are a lot of elements with the class “fb-price”. This is my selector:

Could you help me how to do that or suggest me another solution?. Thanks in advance.



Hi @loginerror

This is the selector that I am using:

"<webctrl class=‘fb-price’ childclass=‘icon-icons-services-payment fb-price__cmr’ tag=‘P’ "

Hi @sergio85,

I would personally work this around with innerhtml attribute + some wildcards.


<webctrl class='fb-price' tag='P' innerhtml='*icon-icons-services-payment fb-price__cmr*' >

Replace single quote in case they do not appear as required by selector.


I believe code markup should take care of that:
<webctrl class='fb-price' tag='P' innerhtml='*icon-icons-services-payment fb-price__cmr*' >
(indeed, 4 of them were different :slight_smile: )

Hi @Florent_Salendres

Thank you so much for your help. I implemented your suggestion and It did not work. As far as I understood, wildcards only work with aaname attribute or every time that I used wildcards with class, parentclass, and so on, it did not work. I have a question. Innerhtml works to call a class that is a child?

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