How to use 2 conditions in IF and only modify text in Ui if condition satisfies?


I am working on a UI screen where I want to compare 2 columns of a table and only do a type into/modify text if both the condition satisfies? Please help.
Thank you.


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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

Let’s take you have two datatable named dt1 and dt2

  1. Then use a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass dt1 as input

  2. Inside the loop use a IF condition like this

row(“your ColumnName in dt1”).ToString.Contains(dt2.Rows(dt1.Rows.IndexOf(row))(“your columnname in dt2”).ToString.Trim)

If the condition matches then goes to THEN block where you can keep your type into activity

Sometimes if you are using newer version instead of row in the above expression mention as Currentrow

Cheers @Bhat