How to upload whole excel data in single queue

Hi All,

I want to read the excel file and upload it to queue as a single transaction item .

example: If there are 10 records in the excel so I want all those 10 records in one transaction item.
I don’t want to create 10 new transactions in the queue


in that case just store your excel file path in the work queue and the transaction item would provide you the file path while accessing work queue with the get transaction item. In the process transaction you can do whatever your requirement needs and the RE frame work runs only one time. thanks.

Hi ,

Sorry I dint get you , can you please elaborate


do you want to run the RE process only one time thats why you want to store the total excel data into only one queue item. is my understanding correct. if you are not going to retry row by row or case by case there is no point of using Re frame work right. But still if we want to implement these scenarios in the RE framework we can have the excel file path as only one transaction item and we can do the stuff you want in process transaction. please let us know what you are trying to achieve in the process transaction so that we would help you better. i hope you understood this time. Thanks.

And also if you still want to go with the scenario like you want to insert the whole excel data into work queue as single transaction item. sharing my suggestion on the work around below. please try and let us know.

  1. In the init state use read range activity to read the total excel data into data table.
  2. in the add queue item activity go to the properties and create argument in the item information with the data table type and assign your data table to it.
  3. while using get transaction item activity it will produce the transaction item as data table you can use this data table in the process transaction.