How to upload the nugget package from local machine and import it into orchestrator? (So that it is shown into the processes> Package tab) (Note that there is no Studio into local machine)

Hi Team,

I have a package file into my local machine and I am willing to upload it into the orchestrator so that I can run it from the orchestrator.

Note:- I am not having the UiPath Studio in my local machine (hence publishing directly from the UiPath Studio is not an option in this regard).

Also as I have already checked, I am able to “browse” the file in the Processes tab> Packages> click on(Upload button)> click on(Browser button).
But I am not able to select the nugget package file.

Kindly suggest.

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Hi @hacky

It should be as easy as following those steps:

We will need to investigate why you cannot choose the nugget package. Could you post some screenshots how it looks on your side?


Never mind, I have fingered it out.

Actually, when we publish the workflow from the UiPath Studio, the message is been showed with the name of the Nugget package.

The very same nugget package is been stored in the local machine at
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\Packages”

And this nugget package can be uploaded into the orchestrator by doing the following.

In orchestrator, into the processes tab, select Packages and then click on the “Upload logo” and add the very same nugget package,

This can hence be run by manually adding to nugget package from the studio and then uploading the package into the orchestrator.

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