How to upload the correct file to a web aplication

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Simple question. I´m working on automation which has to upload a file to a specific web application. So you all know that when you want to upload a file the directory of files of your PC opens automatically so you can select the file. What has happened to me is that sometimes the folder where the directory opens might be a different one than the one the robot expects, and this can happen for a variety of reasons.
So for example, let´s say that every day a bot runs and this bot has to upload a file from the downloads folder, so How can I configure the bot so it´s able to get the correct file even if the directory opened in another folder than the download folder?. Do I have to do a validation first based on the folder? Can I configure a default folder where my directory opens in?
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Luis Fernando Pazos.

Hi @Luis_Fernando

So while uploading the file you would be typing the path of the file right?
Don’t use simulte type in there. Just use Send Windows Message to do this and it will upload the correct file.
Even if it doesn’t works then use hardware events.

Hoping that you give the full filepath while uploading.



Simply use Full path: when windows popup open you can put full path to get file. It will redirect your desire folder and get your file.

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Hi! @raja.arslankhan @adiijaiin

Thank you very much, at first I was writing the file name, and I didn´t realize I could write the whole past and that ill do it. Thank you very much for giving clarity.

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