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If i have 1 excel list of raw material detail (so called Cost Table), to be upload inside gov website, and based on the number of material inside, need to attached invoice by sequence (Invoice named as 1_Material1, 2_Material2, 3_Material3).
How to upload the invoices matched with the cost table sequence of the material ?

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1_Material1.pdf (142.8 KB) 2_Material2.pdf (143.1 KB) 3_Material3.pdf (143.6 KB) 4_Material4.pdf (143.0 KB) 5_Material5.pdf (143.3 KB) 6_Material6.pdf (143.2 KB)

Cost Table
Filler New ePCO.xlsx (605.5 KB)

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  1. Read the excel and have it in Dt.
  2. Loop the data and process the flow , Based on Invoice Number field we can select the pdf which we need to upload.
  3. Use the path from step 2 and upload it