How to upload file to share point using upload file activity

i have used uipathteam.sharepoint.activities package in that i used share point application scope its connected share point successfully then i used upload file activity its throw “file not found” error.
how to provide the values in the properties like item url and local path?


Relative url needs to be provided starting from the first folder under document librqry and tillt he end


This is my sharepoint site i tried with"\November 2023\uploaded file name"
same error. can you suggest the url that need to be provided here.


the site url should be till the site name

eg - ""

relative url should start from the document library

eg - "/Shared Documents/November 2023/Uploadfilename"

Hope this helps


Hi @prasanthmuthu1997

You need to Provide the Item URL and Local Path

  1. Item URL: The Item URL is the URL of the location in SharePoint where you want to upload the file. You can either hardcode this URL if it’s fixed, or you can fetch it dynamically from another activity or variable if the location varies.
  2. LocalPath: LocalPath refers to the path of the file you want to upload from your local system. You need to provide the full path to the file including the file name and extension. Make sure the file exists at this path on your local machine.

For Example
Item URL: “
LocalPath: “C:\Path\To\Your\File\YourFile.docx”

Still i got same error.
this is my share point url
can you tell the item url?

i tried with this one “/sites/UiPath/Shared Documents/November 2023/new.xlsx”
its worked thanks Anil gorthi and vinitha for your support.

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