How to upload bunch of files to a website



I have a set of files (saved on a particular folder) that I need to upload to a website one by one.

To make it more interesting, within the website I need to search for a particular customer name and then upload the relevant file. (I do have a look up table in excel that contains both customer name & the matching file name). I have 50 files to upload using the same process.

Will appreciate any help.

Import CSV file

Hello, you need a design for your operation. Here you go.

  1. Open upload site and login.
  2. Read excel first customer and pass file name into a global variable.
  3. Set File path in the upload location on the upload site location.
  4. Click attach button on the browser and come back to same attached status and get it ready for next file.
  5. Repete from step 2 to 4 until end of the excel file.


How would you then use the output from step 2 to search for the right customer before uploading the file. In my case the out table from step 2 would look something like ; ZZZZ,CustA

Once I log on to the site, I need to search it using ZZZZ and then upload file CustA. Will have to repeat the process for rest of the files.

Also, wouldn’t it be better to read-in the entire excel file to a data table then pass one record at a time for upload?

This is my first project, so need bit more support.



see this above post.

You can Read all files exists into a directory by using Directory.GetFiles(FOLDER_PATH+"\INPUT",".",SearchOption.AllDirectories)

By using this you can read excel… and pass those read values into a String and use set Text option.
In the UiPath SetText option will have input value… and you have to pass this captured string value into SetText option.
This SetText option selector should use Upload area attachment location where you need to enter file path to attach the file.
Hope my inputs are useful.


Hi, I also have the same problem… I totally have 10 folders, and I need to upload files in one folder into website exactly into the same folder name… Please help on how to do it…??