How to upload assignment-1 in level 3 Advanced Training?



Just compress it(Your framework/Parent folder of main.xml )with extension ( and upload first then type the name and comments and send! and wait for 5 to 7 min for evaluation.


need to include screenshots,txt,excel,json files along with xaml file??


Hii @Venkatesh_Chowdary
Just compress the FRAMEWORK file and upload it.No need of all those .

Just send the edited framework no need to include any screenshot.

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what to include in comments exactly?

can you send assigment 1 upload zip file

Hi, Sorry but what do you mean by parent folder of main.xaml. The structure on my PC is inside UIPATH folder, I have the ‘client security hash’ folder, inside which all files and sub-folders (system1/sha1/framework/data etc) are there, including main.xaml. Pls note that main.xaml is not inside the framework sub-folder but inside ‘client security hash’ folder only. So which folder you are referring to here that needs to be zipped and uploaded. I am guessing ‘client security hash’ folder as it contains everything.
Please advise. Thank you.

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You are right @Aishwarya28 .You will upload client security hash folder,means Compress client security hash and upload. Good luck

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thank you. i will try this once I have removed few more errors :smiley:


HI AbhiShek,
I have completed the assignment, but when i upload the whole file zip, i see the score is always 0


What assignement ?

Assignment no 1, under level3 advanced training.
I uploaded the zip yesterday yet ut is not verified.
Kindly help me out


Check your code, it might be completed, but doesn’t mean it’s successful…

Hai, I Finally completed that, thanks for the suggestion,which was really helpful.

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hi i m too facing the same problem. checked my formula everything is correct but when i upload the whole folder as zip . my score was zero . Please help!