How To Upload an entire excel column as a queue item in Orchestrator

Hello Everyone,

I have a Datatable which looks like following!

2021-09-08 15_08_13-T8DT5IRY - TeamViewer

Now I wanto to upload each column as an individual queue item which will have to look like rthe following:

Can someone please help me with this ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Tarif_Mohammad

Please try this,

  1. Read the excel sheet data in the datatable variable name dt.

  2. Loop through columns in a datatable by for each activity, in for each activity property type argument select and pass values as dt.columns

  3. Inside the foreach use add queue item and pass the item information as

String.join(",", row(item).tostring).toarray)

After retrieve the queue split the string using comma and take values.


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@prasath_S Thanks a lot Buddy. Its working perfectly

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