How to upload a mailing list to an orchestrator queue?

I have the following situation, I need to upload the information of a mailing list to orchestrator queues, I require the subject and body data.

how can I do this?

Hi @alexis.mendoza
You can try this Steps:

  1. Get Email Data (Subject and Body)
  2. Create a Queue in Orchestrator
    • Note down Queue Name
  3. For Each email in MailingList
    • Add Queue Item
      • Queue Name: (Specify Queue Name)
      • ItemInformation:
        • “Subject” => email.Subject
        • “Body” => email.Body
      • Priority, DeferDate, DueDate, etc. as needed

ItemInformation: Create a Dictionary variable where you can add the subject and body as key-value pairs. For example:

  • Key: “Subject”, Value: (Subject of the email)
  • Key: “Body”, Value: (Body of the email)
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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Let’s take like I have the mail list names as listMails

  2. Now IN orchestrator create a queue named mail_queue

  3. In studio use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above mail list variable and change the type argument as System.Mail.MailMessage

  4. Inside the loop use a ADD QUEUE ITEM activity where in Item information pass the subject as item.Subject.ToString and body as item.Body.ToString

This will repeat till all value sin loop is added to queue

Have a view on this thread for few more insights

Cheers @alexis.mendoza

thank you very much it worked

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thank you very much succes

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