How to upload a file to root directory of the sharepoint drive (microsoft office 365)

Hi Team,

I wanted to upload a file to the root directory of my sharepoint drive.
Using the activities ‘Find Files/Folder’ and ‘Upload file’ of microsoft office 365, I can only upload the file to any folder inside the root directory.
Could someone please help

Hi !
i have the same difficulty, by any chance you figure this one out?

it may be too late to answer, but at the moment i assume such option doesnt exist. as suggested by another developer in this forum, you can do the following:

  1. use search files and folders activity on root drive (only parameters you need to give is the drive & url)
  2. use get file/folder activity, use the First driveItem output from the above activity as input, and for the ItemID use the property Parentreference.Id from the the driveItem out of the above activty.
  3. the output DriveItem you get from the above activity belongs to the root, use this to upload item to the the root



Thank you, This worked.

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