How to upload a file from within a project instead of picking it from local

I am uploading a pdf file from my local. How do store a file with in the project(xaml file) and pick it from there. If i run the xaml file from different system i should be able to pick the same file.

Hi @Aaditya,
Just put the file inside project folder and then you should be able to pick a file without writing full path but just the file name with extension instead.

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Thanks. When i send the xaml file, will the attachment also present in it. or it has to be readded again in a new system.

No attachments are included in xaml (eXtensible Avalon Markup Language) file. Xaml file consist the overall build schema and properties like path, name, url etc. It’s not a file container or folder. Each attachment needs to exist by it’s own.

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