How to update value of specific data of a queue item

Use case:
I have a file with multiple rows.
First Queue should have - filename, Count=0.
Second Queue should have - data available inside the file.

Now for each row added into the second queue, count value in the First queue should increment i.e., when 2 rows from the file are added into second queue then count value should be 2 in first queue).

Question: How can I update value of specific data(which is count in my case and which is already set to 0) of a queue item?


In your case I believe count is the number of rows in that file
Then we can get the value even before updating the first queue
Like this

Use a read range activity and get the datatable as dt

And get the count of rows with this


So that count can be upgraded in first shot itself with first queue

Cheers @rana.annabathina

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

Thank you for responding!!
I don’t want to get the count of rows of the file(I know this is another way around…), all I want to do is update Count in the first queue for each row that gets added into second queue. which means when I am working on adding queue items into Second Queue I want to update count value of First Queue.

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You mean you wanna update the queue item at certain stages
In that case we can do that with API with EDIT QUEUE ITEM
have a view on this on how to do this

Cheers @rana.annabathina

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