How to update UiPath to 2018.4 on location

The current version is v2016.2.
According to the safety regulations,
Our machines can not access to internet.
I want to know that how to update UiPath to 2018.4 on location.
All of UiPath Studio in enterprise license term of validity.
Please help us, Thanks.

Hi @wusiyangjia

See here for more info :slight_smile:

It should hopefully answer all your questions.

Hi @loginerror

Thanks for your answer.
We Installed UiPath Studio v2016.2 by UipathStudio.exe on location.
According to “Updating to a Major Version”,
I think that we need to get UiPathStudio.msi or UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe to
update our Enterprise Edition to v2018.4(a very admirble version)
So, I want to know how to get the newest UiPathStudio.msi or UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe,
or anyother can be used to update UiPath Studio on location.(without intenet connect)
Thank you very much.

Hi @wusiyangjia

Indeed, there is a difference between the Community Edition .exe installer and the Enterprise .msi installer (the community installer installs Studio for the user and the Enterprise can install all components for the entire machine).

Please contact our Support for the download link to the latest MSI installer:

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