How to update the values row by row in excel based on some formula

Am having 2 sets of file types in a folder named line1 anode,line1 cathode…line 2 anode ,Line 2 Cathode…till 25 lines. But some line will only have anode and some lines will only have cathode files… I need to get a specific cell value from both the files and update it on the final report in respective Lines.

My final report will be like
Column A Column B Column C
line value AnodeValue Cathode value

My loop is working fine if both the anode and cathode files are present.
But if only one file is present its not working as expected not updating on the expected line please help me


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It’s better to share some sample excel files, and mention required output

That way we can understand your issue


I have attached my folder and output excel sample.
The average and SD value are already calculated and read from a specific cells in the files.

For some line only cathode is available and some only anode file is available based on the line value it needs to be updated in the respective output sheet

Output file format is


Hello @KKsekar ,

Here what i understood is, you have some set of files starting like Line_Anode_04May2022, Line_Cathode_04May2022 etc… You need to add the data from these files to a master excel and to the specific columns?

Yes exactly…The line value in the output sheet is taken from the file name in the folder.

Its working fine if the line has both anode and cathode files But it there is only either anode or cathode it need to type the specific line name and write the value in either anode or cathode column based on file available

Can you first check the file name using a if condition and write to the specific column based on the condition.

Here you will have to use conditions using if to solve this issue.

Yes I have used if condition to check the file name and update in the respective column…its working fine if the line has both anode and cathode files… but if the line has only anode only cathode the iteration is not working properly…

Could you post a screenshot of the condition here and the screenshot of workflow.

Also can you try to execute the script in debug step into method and check where the flow is skipping.