How to update the Store Procedure?

How to update the Store Procedure ?

I want to update the below Store Procedure in DB first value is DB field name and second one is variable name. E.g . P_ID (DB Field Name) = ID (Variable Name)

Can anyone please help me to

EXEC [dbo].[Proc_ATR_SET_Update_Student_Deductible_Detail]
P_ID = ID (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualType = Deductible (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualDescription = InNetworkIndividual (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualPlanStartAt = PlanStartDate_Individual (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualCalenderYear = CalendarYear_Individual (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualYearToDate = YearToDate_Individual (Variable Name)
,P_IndividualRemaning = Remaining_Individual (Variable Name)
,P_FamilyType = Deductible (Variable Name)
,P_FamilyDescription = InNetworkFamily (Variable Name)

Hello Community,

I’m requesting you please help me on this, its urgent for me.
Thanks in advance!