How to update the status in excel


I have a excel , which contain the status column as “D” based on the input dailog box activity values will fill yes or no.
How to do that can anyone plz help.
Value should fill next like D2,d3…so on plz guide me

@vaishali Can you Explain a Little bit in more detail?
If you can provide a Sample Input data and operation that needs to be performed and the Expected output, It would be easy for us to understand and help you suggest an approach in a better way.

Yeah. Currently working with form design there i have create two button like yes or no .so based on the value am passing into switch case if the output is yes from form design I have to update in excel in column d as yes if the output is no I have to update the value as no in excel.

Hi @vaishali

Yes, you can. Pass the output variable in write cell activity. Thanks.

Can you plz guide me

Yeah I passed the value in write line but it updating all .it will update only for d3,d2then it stops

@vaishali Can you forward the xaml file, so I can understand the flow of the process. Thanks.

I can share only screenshot.due to restrictions

it’s overwriting.instead of yes I giving

@vaishali Okay, how many times it should hydrate.

@vaishali Okay, I got it. Please find the attached xaml file. Feel free to reach me if you have any doubt. Thanks.
Main.xaml (10.1 KB)

Do I want to install any package coz am getting as missing or invalid activity.plz suggest me which activity to download

I didn’t work with extra packages. I just used the inbuild activities. See below for your reference. Thanks.

Hi, Please find the below image. Since in the before image, the status write cell was placed under for each row activity. It should be write once. Thanks.

I have tried the above code got an error as " com object was realsed while it was still use on another thread"

Yeah it’s working now…thanks for the solution

@vaishali Great!!! Please mark it as solution. Thanks.
Happy Automation…

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