How to Update the status for incorrect Address column value in excel

Input :

Output I need :

I want to update the Status as “bad” for the Address which is having only number i.e decimal numbers and normal numbers e.g in 5th,6th,8th and 9th fields. 4.8, 506,39 and 6.1 are considered as incorrect addresses so Status should be updated as “bad” for those. How to get Status as “bad”? Please give me any idea on this.

It would be of great help if anyone gives me some idea…Please reply


Use Foreach row activity to loop into the excel
Use IF Condition as row(“Address”).ToString.ToNumeric
In Then place the Assign activity as Datatable.Rows(index).Item(Status) = “bad”
In Else leave blank
At the end you can use write range activity to write to excel

below is the sample example

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