How to update the Robot Credentials using API for Modern Folders


I want to update the robot passwords using API for modern folders but when i try to update the password i get 400 Bad Request error.
POST - {OrchestratorUrl}/odata/Robots

Is there a way i can update the robot passwords for modern folder?
If yes how?

Kindly help me to resolve the same

Hi @sneha_arbole1
Try Postman first; if that works, move on to UiPath studio.
Check the api’s in your cloud orchestrator url/swagger

Kaviyarasu N

It would help if we can see the API call you are trying to make please?

The Above screenshot of error is from postman

Can you check the endpoint url in swagger?

You can try this approach: Robots Requests


Thank you for the solution. It is working for me

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