How to update status of particular queue item in excel sheet if application get close in Re-framework?


  • Quick question, are you using Studio, or StudioX?

Lets go step by step:

1- Lets start by guessing that your input file is being read on the Init state (Dispatcher part):

The read range will read your input file, and the Assign will create a DataTable with the same structure, but no data, so you can fill it with your results:


2 - Access “Set Transaction Status” and create the StatusReport argument, with type: In/Out - DataTable. Also change the default in_TransactionItem variable from QueueItem to DataRow:

3- In order to get the data we want, now you need to perform a set of changes into our arguments:

  • Process.xaml → in_TransactionItem change from QueueItem to DataRow.
  • On both “invoke Process” and “invoke SetTransactionStatus” you’ll need to re-assign the values to the newly changed variables:

Then, last but not least, on each of the sequences mentioned before, you’ll add a “Add data row” activity, with the values you want:

Where ArrayRow value is {in_TransactionItem(0).ToString,in_TransactionItem(1).ToString,"Failed"}, and “Failed” will be different in each one of that 3 sequences (Success, BRE, SE).

Hope it helps! I know it might be a bit too much info!