How to update status in 2 different datatables in excel


Could anyone help me to understand how can we update statuses in 2 different datatable. First datatable is the input file in excel with all the transactions, It will have PO#, Invoice#, subtotal, Tax and Total Amount. The PO# can have multiple invoices.
Second datatable is the summary of Invoices with the Total Amount as aggregate.
For e.g. In one invoice, there can be multiple line items i.e. Line1, line2 and so on which is dt1. one tab will contain the invoice transaction details and another tab will contain Invoice Total which is dt23. For dt1 loop I’m updating the details in the portal and then updating the status in dt1. Post updating all the transactions for invoice, and then I’m comparing the Total amount of dt2 with the portal amount. Please advise how can i update 2 statuses in 2 different tabs in excel using uipath.

any help would be greatly appreciated!


Just think about it like SQL Operations.

  1. Read DT1
  2. Filter in DT1
  3. Modify Row or Rows
  4. Get Key Field of Modified previous Row(s) to make filter in DT2
  5. After you Filter DT2. Update rows accoding your needs

@ChetanB: Your question is very confusing , may be if you can post few screen shots of dt1 and dt2 and what you need in the result , i can send you the xaml file .

Hi Kumari,

Please find attached screenshots as requested. I want to update the status as highlighted in yellow post updating the details in customer portal for each invoices. Summary contains the total amount of each invoices with invoice# and PO#



Kindly let me know if you need more details


Thank you for the reply. I have tried this already but did not work.

Even Seeing your screenshots I think you could create a Summary with a Excel PivotTable without feed manually a Summary in other Sheet

Hello Kumari,

Did you get a chance to look at this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!