How to update Status as "Bad" for incorrect Address like decimal or Number

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Here I used this process to Update status as “Bad” when containing Numbers in “Address” column. When I tried this process “Status” is coming as “Bad” for all the columns which contains numbers and Alphabets but I want “Status” as “B” for the columns containing only number i.e for 5th row “Address” is 4.8 (decimal), it seems incorrect so Status should come as “Bad” and in the same manner for 6th,8th and 9th rows it has numbers only(506,39,6.1) which are wrong for “Address” so “Status” should come as “Bad”. So I want to update “Status” as “Bad” for these columns, how to do?
Input I gave

Output I want

So can anyone please suggest some idea to get rid of this problem. It would be of great help if anybody gives some idea.

Thanks and Regards.

Test with the pattern "^[,\.\d]+$" in your Is Match activity instead.



If the “bad” ones always start with a number then try do like this:

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@Kavyasri But keep in mind if the address starts with a number then the expression I posted will not work, you will need to use the expression @ptrobot posted.

Thank you, its working for numbers at starting

yeah ok @atomic

If you want to use the one @ptrobot posted it is like this:

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Thank you @ptrobot, Its working

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