How to update specific column in an excel sheet?

Here in this excel sheet, the column " Data Gaps" represents the missing data i.e from which col the data missing, for eg contact last name its col in another excel sheet 2 from which the data is missing, so correct data will be mentioned in the Input corrected data col in excel sheet 1, so we need to update this value in another excel workbook.
so any suggestions on how it can be done???

Read the excel sheet or sheets as DataTable using Read range activity and then use for each row activity.
Inside for each row use assign row.item(“Col Name”) = “desired data you want to save in this column”

yeah, but data gap col, contains the respective col name of the excel sheet 2 based on it, I need to update the " input corrected data " col value from excel workbook 1 to the respective col of excel sheet 2

@Premkumar_Ganesan , After fetching missing details value from sheet 1. Use the below expression in assign activity to and in value pass the missing value.
out_dt2.Rows(row)(Column) = valueNeeded

where out_dt2 is the sheet 2 datatable
(row) is the row into which you are writing
(column) is the column into which you wish to write the vlue