How to update Robot Settings through API?

Hi, so I am using the PUT request
and json body:

“LicenseKey”: “xxx”,
“MachineName”: “xxx”,
“Name”: “xxx”,
“Type”: “Unattended”,
“Id”: 1,
“Username”: “xxx”,

to change the settings of a robot and it works BUT how do I also change these values in ‘Settings’ on Orchestrator through API:
Resolution Width “preferredWidth”?
Resolution Height “preferredHeight”?
and Resolution Depth “preferredDepth”?

does it have anything to do with ‘ExecutionSettings’?
Thanks so much for any advice!

Hi, I have the same issue. Did you find a solution for this?


You can use Execution settings in your json as shown below:


@zanjum how can we set ResolutionHeight and ResolutionWidth to default?