How to update Orchestrator from 2020.10.5 to the latest

Hi @loginerror

I have few questions which I did not get answer of please help in clarifying

  1. Our most automations were built on the Windows-Legacy type project compatibility so If I upgrade to the latest version of the orchestrator will my those automations be affected ?

  2. We have installed our orchestrator directly from the .msi file so If I had to upgrade do I only need to overwrite the latest .msi over the previous or how it is ?

  3. Any other precautions to take before/after updation ?

hi @Ishan_Shelke

I would suggest you to reach UiPath support team if you are using enterprise license. Solutions may vary depends on needs.
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  1. No, it will not affect your old projects.
  2. There are 2 methods,
    i) Directly upgrade in same server. (You may loose some details and if anything went wrong you
    need to roll back it might be give trouble)
    ii) Lift and Shift method,
    Here, you need to install new version on different server and pointing to different SQL server.
    Once all are done and working fine. Then you can simply remove the new SQL and point to old
    SQL server(Before that take backup of your sql).
  3. Take backup and handy of sql server, web.config, UiPath.orch.dll files. If required SSL cert and thumb print

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