How To Update Orchestrator Certificate In AI Center?

After updating SSL certificate for Orchestrator , AI Center server went down. What are the steps needed to update the new SSL certificate configuration for AI Center?

If Orchestrator SSL certificate is changed or updated then configuration changes need to be performed for AI Center as well. Perform below steps:

  1. Update the new certificate thumbprint in below keys in UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file

  1. Generate Base 64 signing certificate of the new SSL and update in below key

  1. Perform IISRESET on Orchestrator server and check if it is up and running

  1. Login to Orchestrator using Host tenant. Generate and copy the installation Token

  1. Login to admin console of AI Center(:8800) and in "config" section paste the key and save

  1. Re-deploy the application. It will take 10-15 mins to complete the deployment.