How to update Orchestrator 2016.2 to 2018.4.3 with more than 2 million logs

I need to upgrade an orchestrator that is in the 2016.2 version to the 2018.4.3 version. I saw that there are 3 ways to do this upgrade: Windows Installer, Azure Script, UiPath Platform Installer. I saw that installing using UiPath Platform Installer seems to be the easiest, just run the executable. But in this option there is no information about upgrading from the 2016.2 release. Only in the option using windows installer is mentioned the procedure to upgrade the 2016.2 version. What would be the ideal option? Really via windows installer?

In addition, the instruction also says that to upgrade the version 2016.2, logs can not exceed 500 rows, cause the application timeout may occur. In this orchestrator I have more than 2 million logs, what procedure should I do? Erase the logs and keep only 500 thousand?

can anybody help me?

@vornes - Yes. Check this -


Does anyone know how I can get the installer? UiPathOrchestrator.msi

Should open a support ticket with UiPath. From past responses, they don’t seem to want to make the download URLs public knowledge.

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thanks! I opened a ticket