How to update one file from multiple bots

Hello Experts,

I have a scenario where i need to update one excel file at the end of process.
And i am running my process on multiple bots. So how would i tackle the situation where multiple bots will try to update the file at same time.
Do we have any option to lock the file by one bot and other bot will wait till it is not released by other bot…

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You may use a semaphore file to indicate the other bots the shared excel is in use.

Something like:

IF (semaphore not exists) DO
open excel
create semaphore
do your job
close excel
delete semaphore
wait and retry


Thanks for your response… but i don’t know what is semaphore file in uipath

By semaphore I mean simply “any” file. It could be a text file called “semaphore.txt”, for example.


Great idea… thanks