How To Update One Column Based on other Columns from different Workbook


How To Update One Column Based on other Columns from different Workbook ( Update Column 4 Based on Column 1 &2&3, Knowing that Column1 & 3 are sharing some data as shown in below example) :


Note : Workbooks attached here for reference
Book1.xlsx (10.0 KB)
Book2.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Important : I want to keep formatting of Workbook 2 , Otherwise I can use Join Activity, Probably LINQ or Select Methods can help but I don’t know how to apply the same in this case.

Thanks in advance

Hi @hsendel

Please find the attached project

i developed a workflow as per your requirement (22.4 KB)

Hope its solves your issue


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Update as whether you got your desired answer or not

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Thanks @Robinnavinraj_S , Sure I’m checking and I will let you know

Dear @Robinnavinraj_S , I see there is issue with one activity, also I think you didn’t take into account what I’ve writen in “Important” paragraphe, need to kep the 2nd Workbook only, no need to create a new one, this is just an example my excel template is very big with formatting, so I want to keep it as it is. Please check. Thanks again

HI @hsendel

i changed the flow now its working fine
i attached xaml file also
Main.xaml (9.4 KB)
Book2.xlsx (10.7 KB)

and i also provide overall screen shot of the project

Hope its solves your issue


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Thanks a lot @Robinnavinraj_S , I will create workflow based on your screenshots and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Again,

Can you please show me Packages installed for this workflow to add them to my project ? Project>Dependencies

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Same issue, I’m using Studio 20…anyway I will create workflow and let you know.In you case you can downgrade those packages and send me again it will be fine.

ok send me the screen shot of your packages

Please find my installed Packages :


It’s Solved Thanks, I have Upgraded the following Package :

if its ran well can you mark it as solution

It’s Working as expected, even though formatting was not moving from one sheet to another but it should be fine, I can adjust that. Thanks a lot @Robinnavinraj_S

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