How to update Notes field in Active directory


I am finding a solution to update notes field in telephone tab in active directory. Only information I have is Domain/Server, Username and password for AD. How can I update notes field in Active directory. Check screenshot for reference.

@Palaniyappan @Pablito


Use powershell cmdlet

Set-ADUser yourUsername -Replace @{info=‘New info for the notes field’}

How to connect to AD server through powershell before using the command to update? @lepumin

Hi @rameezimtiaz,

As an alternative solution, you can follow the video below.


@muhammedyuzuak do u have a xaml file for this?

@lepumin any update?

@muhammedyuzuak for this we need some other information as well. But we only have domain, username and password. Hence only powershell commands will work but I am unable to find way to connect my machine to external AD machine through powershell


Hi @rameezimtiaz
If you have not windows server with Remote Server Administration Tools feature activated, you can’t install ActiveDirectory module for powershell.