How to update multiple records using salesforce activities

I want to update multiple records in salesforce using UiPath.
the number of records may vary based on the input data.
the update on all the records is similar with the only static update required.
Is there an option to update the records in bulk?

i want to update the designation of all records that i mention to “test1”
current scenario: i have to use the update record in a loop, or use the data loader functionality available with salesforce

Hi @siddhartha.myneni, thank you for your message!

The question is are you using the Salesforce Connector for Integration Service or the Classic approach?

There is a Bulk API feature for Classic approach but this is not yet available for Integration Service Connector.

Please let me know if this helps?

Hi Robert,
I am using the classic approach, and have tried to use the bulk API call, but i keep getting the error when i try to run the process (start bulk API), “http request for patch is not allowed.”

@siddhartha.myneni we are currently investigating a similar issue we identified with another client.

We think this might be linked to using custom objects in Salesforce. Are you using custom Salesforce objects?

If possible pelase also let me know:

  • UiPath Studio version
  • SFDC Classic Activity version
  • Salesfoce Object you try to update (Lead, Account…)
  • Any chance you can share the CSV file if you have one? We are mainly interested in the CSV structure, you can randomize values if possible.


Hi Robert, please find the details below:

salesforce activities: 1.9.1
studio: 2022.10.3
salesforce object: opportunity


Id Product_Name__c Name
1234e120105erWEFR 14f2E100234RaAEWED 100

Hi Robert, yes, we are using custom objects.
one of which i have placed on the CSV file i just put up.

@siddhartha.myneni Thank you so much for the swift response and details!

We are aware of a few of our clients having the same Bulk API issue but we were not able to reproduce the issue internally so far.

Would you be able to join a remote session so we can have a closer look?

If yes, please drop me a message so we can schedule a call.

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this issue was resolved by the developer Mutturaju, after he used the below tactic: we still do not know why it did not work with our custom url, but we are satisfied with the results as of now. Thanks for the help Robert and Mutturaju.

Start or Abort Bulk API Job” activity worked after changing Server and CustomServer in Property panel to “” and “Test” from Custom url given to our organization and “Custom”.

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