How to update file path after moving to desired folder

I have a workflow where I am downloading a file and moving it to a desired folder. After that i am using a get file info activity and getting the path of the file.

The Problem is I am getting the old file path where my file was originally downloaded not the updated One.


This is what I Have Tried.

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 ,

The Value in downloadedFile variable value which I am guessing is a FileInfo type variable, will remain the same even after the Copy File/Move File Activity, It does not get changed.

Yes you are right. I am just thinking how to get the updated file path after moving the file to the desired folder. I searched for articles on the internet but found none.

If I could had aoption to store the move file activity into a variable just like the wait for download activity has. This would have been way more simpler.

@Ishan_Shelke1 ,

In the Move File Activity, you are actually providing the the Destination path, so you could use it to get the File Path, Also I do think you could Provide the name of the file along with it’s extension as well in the Move file Activity.


The Above statement you can assign it to a variable and you will be able to access the file path later at a different point in the workflow as well.

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