How to update CSV column by selecting valure in different CSV file?

Dear UiPath experts.

I’m new to UiPath and seeing great potential in this tool. But let me seek your advise…

I have two CSV files as below.

  1. CSV1 has all user list with (Column1) EmpID, (Column2) Name, (Column3) Access right, (Column4) Account name.
  2. CSV2 has list of target user with (Column1) EmpID, (Coumn2) Temporary access right, (Column3) Account name.

I want to automate replacing Temporary access right in CSV2 with Access right in CSV1 below task with UiPath.
Step1, Open CSV1 and CSV2
Step2, For each EmpID in CSV2
Step3 select Access right in CSV1 by EmpID
Step4 Replace Temporary access right in CSV2 with Access right in CSV1. Or Write CSV new output file.

CSV1 is like below
00123456, Test1, T001
00123457, Test2, Z001
00123458, Test3, T001
00123459, Test4, T001

CSV2 is like below
00123456, A001;B001, test-user1
00123456, B001;C001, test-user2

I think it requires for each and select would be associated. But no crue how to update specific column by value from different data table…
I really appreciate any help on this.

Below is what I tried…