How to update credential in external secure store using set credential activity from Orchestartor

We have two methods in our custom secure store GetValueAsync() and UpdateValueAsync(). When trying to update credential using Set-Credential activity then update method is not called. It is always calling get method. does Set-Credential support to update credential in external secure store? If not then any other alternative to achieve this?

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The Set-Credential activity does not support updating credentials in an external secure store. It enables you to update the value of an indicated credential asset, that is already available in Orchestrator, be it a global or a Per Robot asset

To update credentials in an external secure store, you will need to use the appropriate cmdlet for the secure store that you are using.

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what do you mean appropriate cmdlet? do you mean invoke code activity or HTTP request activity? I have already placed my secure store plugin dll in orchesatrtor plugins folder and successfully able to get credential. How can I call UpdateValueAsync() method? Could you please suggest any documentation

I would recommend to check with the external secure store or application and understand how it can be updated with values like credentials
Ideally it would be through api calls
If that’s the case then go for HTTP REQUEST activity
Have a view on this to understand how to to use this activity

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Thanks @Palaniyappan
If we use direct API then what is the use of UiPath.Orchestrator.Extensibility.SecureStores class methods which I have implemented in my secure store plugin (I am referring Delinea SecretServer.SecureStore plugin)

is it possible to call plugin method instead of direct API’s?