How to update add data row dynamic

First check if your datatable select is returning any row then perfrom the logic.

dr.length >0

dr(0)(1) -----> 1st row 2nd column (1 is Index int32 here)
dr(0)(“1”)-------> 1st row Column name “1” (1 is string) // You need this

Did you get a chance to see the code?

Count=1 in the above scenario, try to pass as Int or string (Count.Tostring) as per your need.I assume your column names are 1,2,3,4…31 so you should pass Count.Tostring

ya its 1,2,3 …only
but again i am getting exception

Or Try this

dr(0).Item(Count.ToString) = "L"

—Issue Resolved----

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