How to update Account Owner role permission in uipath orchastrator

How to update Account Owner role permission in uipath orchestrator?

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we usually have roles like admin, developer, etc, and to update anyone’s role permission we need to go and click the name of the user at the right corner and click users in it
and then roles
where click on the three dots at the right end and click edit
here you can edit any roles and their permisssion we want

hope this would help you
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This is fine but I logged as Account Owner role and I m not able to update specific user permission. You can see I m not able to update permission in the attached screenshot.

But I hope there is no such role here and even in orchestrator
The reason is by default, only the Administrator and Robot roles exist where the Administrator role cannot be changed or removed, but the Robot one can be edited.

Kindly check once with what is the username and what role is been assigned to them as there is no role named Account Owner
Kindly correct me if I m wrong

And for more info on this that would clear you with the above suggestions

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Umang_Mehta

@Palaniyappan Logged in Uipath Orchestrator using my Gmail account and this screenshot contains a user information

Yah it has only admin role right
Cheers @Umang_Mehta

Yes, it has administrator role but using this I m not able to change any permissions. Help me @Palaniyappan how I can change this permission?.

usually we wont be able to change the administrator role’s permission
either we can create a new role, make changes with the role and its permission and that role can be assigned to some one
Even thats what mentioned here in our uipath document

to modify the roles kindly have a view on this which could add more insights to the above mentioned suggestion

Cheers @Umang_Mehta