How to update a value in a new column of a data table


Here is the scenario that I am working on:

  1. Read workbook having URLs in a data table. Add additional columns to data table
  2. In a For Each row, iterate through each URL and Open a Chrome Browser and paste the URL
  3. Click on Enter. Then select the extended URL from Chrome browser and copy it to a clipboard and into a variable.
  4. Now, I want to update the datatable with the value in the variable to the newly created column in the data table. I am also using a counter variable to update the counter each time new URL is iterated through.

Step 4 is not happening. Below is the code that I am using to do that:

dtOutput.Rows(counter).Item(" Full URL") = strCopied

strCopied = has the value from the Clipboard
Full URL = newly added column in data table


If you are iterating through a for each would the correct row and data table not already be selected, therefore your assign should be - image

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Thank you @Em126351… this worked for me…

I am now getting another error message : “Send Hotkey: Timeout reached” uipath.core.element operation exception timeout reached.

I am executing my workflow on a virtual machine and connected using remote desktop. This issue comes up after processing few hundred records successfully.

Perfect :slight_smile:

Is there any chance you could attach you’re workflow for this one? There could be a few reasons be easier if I could take a look.

Could you expand all properties on your open browser and send a screenshot please? You want to make sure nothing is interfering with this window.

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