How to update a status cell in excel automation


i extracted data from browser and write in excel
in that excel sheet we have values, if the values are in lessthan 0 then i need to update a status price is increased or else condition price is decreased.

for example,
name value status
a +0.125 increased
b -0.7 decreased
c -0.126 decreased

value column is extracted using get text activity, and it is stored in string variable
the status column we need to update

please help with the code and it would be appreciated for your help.

check after reading the excel, check if row(“Value”)<0
1.if yes in the assign activity set ctrl+k status= increased
2.if no set status=decreased then use build data row column name status type should be string
3. then Add build data row to pass the {“Status”}
4.Then use Append range thats it


Thanks for your response.can you please provide a .xaml file for my reference

add status in the excel (2.7 KB)
Pls refer, any doubt feel free to ask.

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Hello, @Sai.Srinivas - Have a look on the attached workflow (10.3 KB)



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@Sai.Srinivas It converts the string to double as we are comparing the decimal format type value with 0

@Sai.Srinivas If it resolves your issue please close the topic by choosing an appropriate post as solution

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