How to Unzip .zip file and name it specifically?

Hi Guys,

I have a few zipped files, all of them are csv files. I intend to unzip all of them and then name them according as their zipped file names.

for example, is one of my zipped files, I need to first unzip it then name it as Today.csv

Anyone know how to achieve that?


Check this -

Karthik Byggari

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Check this xaml, it has the functionality which you are expecting.
UnzipFilesAndMove.xaml (7.2

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Thank you. This solution works fine. But I could not find a way to name my unzipped csv files as their zipped files’ name.

For example, I can now unzipped them into individual csv file but they are all named as their firstline & lastline record, which is not somthing I want them to be named. I wanted them to be named with the same name as before unzipping them.

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you @KarthikByggari.

The latest is here.




That’s why i am using move file activity. You can rename file with that.

And do you want all the files with the same name, is it possible to have something like that?

Sir I have tried:

  1. It moves .zip files from desktop to D:\New folder (2)\ and retains their original names (the zip file below from the snapshot)
  2. It unzips all moved items (from D:\New folder (2)) but returns different csv file names (the csv file below from the snapshot)
  3. I realized another thing, unzip does not allow overwriting, any walk around?



Thank you. Your suggestion is right for the case. I can just customize a bit on your file to fit into my case.

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