How to unlock SVN lock?


I’m using SVN to manage our UiPath source code. When I open a source code from Project tab in UiPath Studio, it’s always asking “Do you want to check out for edit ***.xaml?” if we connected to SVN.
Sometime I clicked “Yes” and did not make any change. Then the source code was locked and it seems that there was no way to unlock the lock from UiPath.
Now I’m using tortoise to unlock the lock but is there any way to unlock the lock by UiPath without unnecessary check-in?


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Could someone help me out?

Is there any solution?

Hi @11115

Could you be more specific in the actions taken?

Wouldn’t a right click at the top of the project tree solve the issue?
(to allow you to check out the project)

I know this is an example on the TFS, but it should work similarly.

My version of Studio is 2019.3