How to uncheck/remove filter in excel

I have and excel with certain data, i need to check if the columns contains that value and then if they are available, i need to uncheck those options from specific columns.

example : Column Name - “Capability” - Uncheck “Transfer”. If column “capability” contains an option of “Transfer” then i need to uncheck that option during filtering. this has to be performed directly on excel without storing data.

Can someone help me in this?

Hi @Sirisha_Siri

If possible can you share the sample input dataset

You can try with invoking VBA


Hi @Sirisha_Siri ,

Its easier to manipulate data when its in the bot’s memory, and it is quite cumbersome when you try to automate data through UI, but if that is what you really want then you can use the Filter Table Activity under Excel:


This of course, only works if the dataset is encased within an Excel Table.
Without it, you won’t be able to perform the filtering.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

ECC to investigate_9_3_2022.xlsx (186.7 KB)
Please find the sample input. I need to check if “capability” column contains “Transfer”. If it contains then i need to uncheck the “Transfer” filter directly in excel

@Sirisha_Siri Will filter text(Inventory Adjustment, Order-Fulfillment etc) always be same or it changes to every column

there might be more options sometimes but only “transfer” has to be unchecked

Hi @Sirisha_Siri

Have look on the XAML file (Out look)

FilterData.xaml (24.1 KB)

You need to Fine Tune the selector based on it and if you need to uncheck more option do as same as in the XAML file