How to un check dynamically changing no of check boxes

@supermanPunch some times some rows in the middle don’t have yellow mark means already closed at that time it should skip to next row

@supermanPunch If possible can we chat in whatsapp I really need you help my number is 8500507414

@bpt.teja1996 It would be better if you can provide the selectors in a text file :sweat_smile:. Otherwise I would have to type which would take more time.

Ok… Give 30 minutes
I will send

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@supermanPunch New Text Document (2).txt (1013 Bytes)

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@supermanPunch please check and help me

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@bpt.teja1996 Can you check one more thing? Can you check if the Whole Table can be Data Scraped?

@supermanPunch hai yes it was able to data scrap but it was giving as a table