How to un check dynamically changing no of check boxes

Hai all i need to open the accounts of users and uncheck the check boxes in their profile
But the issue is not all the accounts have same no of check boxes some have 20 some have 50 samone have 17 some random numbers now after opening the account it should find all the check boxes and uncheck all the check boxes for example after opening the account there are some table with column names and other column with check boxes it should unchek all the checked. Boxes in that table

@bpt.teja1996 Can you use a Click Activity on the Check Box. Open the Selector in UiExplorer and make sure the Selector is valid and send the Screenshot.

Hai actually that is not a check box if we click on that yellow it will become small text box with drop down attaching 3 pics please help me

@bpt.teja1996 Ok. However When you click on that It either Checks that box or it Unchecks the Box right ?

No when we click on that that yellow check chenges to like this

And we should sellect No from drop down
It should repeat on all the yellow tick marks present on that page

@bpt.teja1996 In any case. We would have to take a look at the Selector of that particular Element :sweat_smile: Can you send the Screenshot of the Selector of that Element in UiExplorer?

And as I understood now, we have to Click on the Yellow Mark, and then Select the No Option from Dropdown. Is this the operation that you want to do ?

Yes @supermanPunch that is the operation
I opened uiexplorer and sellected the yellow mark this is what it is showing

@bpt.teja1996 Can you check if there is any attributes that relates to the row number in the page? You can Scroll down the Unselected items in the Right Panel and send a Screenshot of that as well.

@supermanPunch please check it IMG_20200708_180950

@bpt.teja1996 The Selector that you had provided Above was When the Yellow Checkmark was present right ?

Can you also Send the Selector of that element when the Yellow Check mark is not present ?

Actually if we click the yellow mark it will turn to text box with drop down we can use type in to and write NO and add pass one down arrow and enter hot key

@bpt.teja1996 Can you check with that Selector if Type Into/ Select Item Works or we might have to do additional operations

It was working I have already checked
The problem is it has to do same to all the yellow marks present in the column

@supermanPunch can you help me please

@bpt.teja1996 Yes. We would have to use tableCol and tableRow attributes from the first Selector that you showed to Loop through the rows one by one using While loop. Then Check if that row’s Selector has the Attribute aaname with the value “Yellow Checkmark” indicating it is Checked using an If Condition. Then use Click Activity to remove the Yellow Check mark and use Type Into Activity to Select the “no” value.

Hai can you please tell me how to write the condition for that and by the way how to loop it I mean what is the base condition to be taken to loop can you build me a small work flow and send me please it would help me lot please :pray:

@bpt.teja1996 To build the Workflow I would need you to send all the Selectors that I have asked in Separate Text files.

Also Before

Also for this Selector Check the tableCol and tableRow attributes and send the Selector

I will try to generate the exact workflow needed but I cannot be able to test it. Hence I would have to take all needed selectors.

It’s ok send me the work flow I will test it and update you