How to type multiple keystroke and type accents with Terminal Session AS/400

Hi guys,

Im developing a process with AS/400 Host. At least I was able to send multiple hotkeys with Type into activity, which make the process work great. Just like this:


It works great, because with tabs, it moves to the next editable text. The problem becomes when I have to write some word with accents. Like “árbol” for example (spanish word). With “Type into” and “text”=árbol, the activity writes “rbol”.

So, trying it with other activities, I found that “Send Keys” can write accents great, like:

After that, I was wondering if UiPath is able to send hotkeys in “Send Keys” activity, like I did in “Type Into”. I tried to do with the same syntax, but its not working.

So, my question: is there any way to send multiple hotkeys using “Send keys” activity? It would be great, because if im able to do it, I would have all my data in 1 box, not 30000… But well, its a bit problem, because im able to write the info that I want, but using so many activities…

Before I used “Send keys” activity, I had all the following data into “Type into” activity, but I had to split them because it wasnt writting the accents… The thing would be make the same as I did with “Type into” using “Send keys” :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and help guys,